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Breathing - this is a special food and energy for the body and spirit. Controlled breathing alters the fate and configures the body to "healthy way".
Controlled breathing shows a level of mastery of the absorption of prana. There are asanas that can be combined with pranayama, but most of them are made up of pranayama to prepare the body to absorb the life energy.
In yoga, the direct connection between the mental state of man and his breathing. The normalization of the rhythm and depth of breathing leads to mental relaxation - relaxation, and vice versa - when relaxing breath of man is in a certain rhythm. "Kills" the breath means that a person experiences stress, strong emotions.
With the help of breathing person "controls life currents", passing through the chakras. He is able to absorb and retain a cosmic force, which attaches it to the rhythm, the rhythm of the universe consonant. Harmony of the Universe, it helps to break away from the rhythms of life eaten by the flow of time, the person ceases to age, his mind and body become immune to old age.
Indeed, this effect can be explained by modern science, which considers the process of breathing peculiar power, in which the food passes the digestive organs, and immediately goes to all organs and systems. Oxygenated blood is able to revive even the dying cells, thus rejuvenating the whole body, not allowing him to succumb to time.
Prana - the universal energy. This is the basic metaphysical category, which is used in yoga, not only in hatha yoga exercises that you and I will learn.
Prana exists in all that surrounds man, animate and inanimate nature, air and water, trees, stones ... And a man can not exist without this energy, it was she who gives it vitality and health.
The conclusion is simple: to learn to live so that your body has always been enough prana and it is properly circulating in it.
So, we must be able to "consume prana" and manage its flow. That's what is a complex of breathing exercises called "pranayama." "Prana" means life, breath, energy, movement. "The Pit" - death, stopping, no. Pranayama - a combination of movement and stops, the presence and absence of energy, in other words, control over the movement of prana in the body.
Pranayama is designed to help consciously manage life energy of the body. Yoga is generally pay much attention to the breath. Together with the air absorbs prana people, it is important to do it right. Try ...
Breathe slowly and smoothly directing the flow of air into the upper part of the nasal cavity to the nerve receptors. Imagine how the inhaled dose of life energy every cell of your body. Breathing in pranayama is not only a nose, but the entire skin, especially active - in the locations of biologically active points. Especially a lot of vital energy, as already mentioned, is sunlight.
Naturally, for a complete "filling" prana must learn to breathe correctly. Yoga believed that correct breathing - it's nose breathing with the active participation of the diaphragm, abdomen and chest. Thus, the lungs are completely filled with clean air and released from actively used. Prana enters the body better, and much better blood saturated with oxygen.
It is clear that many of the beneficial effects yoga exercises now confirmed and explained by modern medicine. We will not go into the jungle of Physiology, trusting the millennial experience of the Indian sages. They are, incidentally, pay more attention to such things as the length and breath of his rhythm.
Measure the length of the breathing is easy. This test is pleased to pass even the children.
Hold a wet hand to his nose. Breathe calmly, gradually pushing the hand of the person as long as the freshness of your breath will not cease to be felt. If this distance is not less than 20 cm, the length of your breathing is normal.
Shortening breath, we're going internally, preparing for the release of concentrated life energy. You yourself notice how your breathing quickens when the hard work. It is very useful to reduce the length of the breath, if you need the concentration of thought. But shortness of breath should be used for long. As soon as the need to maximize the concentration fell away, back to proper breathing.

Breathing Exercises

The first breathing exercise
For breathing exercises while sitting, you can select the position on the floor or on a chair, who as convenient. Also, many breathing exercises performed while standing.
Breathing exercises of yoga are based on control of breathing. Control may be the feelings, the sound and effect. Of course, it is best to combine all of the control. Remember, breathe only through your nose, concentrating on the sound and feel the air coming into your body. This will help you focus on the breath and stop the flow of obsessive thoughts.
Breathing techniques to help you tune in to work before the main complex, or to relax after that, focus for meditation or to avoid the disastrous consequences of stress at any time of day.
Cleansing breath
For any yoga exercises is very important to proper breathing. And for want of proper breathing free and easy trained. To set up your respirator use yoga cleansing breath. It ventilates and cleanses the lungs, stimulates cellular functions, reported by all the organs and, consequently, leads the body into a state of freshness and fullness of power. Especially it is useful to people who have much to say or sing. Exercise gives strength and refreshing from the first sample. Need to practice it as long as it will not be obtained easily and naturally without causing any trouble. They can also complete all exercises in breathing, so that the body each time the voltage coming out of a fresh and vigorous.
Also, do yoga cleansing breath is the final stage of almost all the complexes. It allows you to rest easy labored and enter the normal mode of operation.
Starting position: standing up, back straight, shoulders are deployed, arms hanging loosely along the body.
Take a full breath and hold the air in a period of 4 seconds.
Fold his lips, cheeks, but it does not inflate. With the power of a small portion of vyduyte air through its "tube". Hold your breath, then vyduyte a little more.
Repeat this until your lungs are not freed from the air. The main thing here - the force with which you are blowing air.

Breath, quickening the nervous system

Such an amazing breath develops nervous force can gain energy and raises the viability of the whole organism. When this exercise is pressure on vital organs, so they are gently massaged and activate the functions to be performed.
Starting position: standing up, back straight, shoulders are deployed, arms hanging loosely along the body.
Take a full breath and hold your breath. Then stretch your arms in front of him, but not straining. Slowly take your hands behind your back, gradually straining the muscles and stronger as they would be sending vital energy. When the hands are in line with the shoulders and fists must be compressed, but in the hands you should feel tremors.
Without releasing the tension, uncompress fists and quickly take your hand back even further. Repeat several times. Then, with the power vent air from the lungs. Lower arms and relax.

Breathing, developing voice

This exercise makes the voice of a strong, clear, soft and full of a variety of intonations. Please note that you should not try to breathe so constantly. It is only breathing exercise, but it gives a stunning effect.
Starting position: standing up, back straight, arms hanging loosely along the body.
Slowly breathe in the nose with the force of air until the lungs are filled completely. Hold their breath for several seconds, and exhale with force mouth open.
Exercise strengthens the ligaments, coached breathing apparatus and facial muscles. Of them, incidentally, is also very dependent on the power of our vote. To see this, you can try an experiment.
Standing before the mirror, pulling his lips and whistled, while acknowledging what form of oral and facial expression. Then say something or sing in his usual manner. Then again, whistling and, without changing expression, try to sing something. Do you hear how wonderful and strong vibrate your ligaments, which is obtained by pure tone? This is the first effect of breathing exercises for the voice.

Initiation of lung cell

This exercise should start to do very carefully. If you overdo it a bit, you may get dizzy. In this case, leave the exercise for a few days, and to relieve dizziness, a little rest and walk in the fresh air.
Exercise enlivens many cell lung atrophy, which seemed to fall asleep in those who breathe properly for many years. It is this exercise will help you quickly learn the full breath, which will be discussed below.
Starting position: standing, arms hanging loosely along the body.
Slowly fill the lungs with air through the nose. During inhalation lightly tapping his fingertips across the surface of the breast. Fully breathing, slows breathing and gently rubbed his chest with his hands.
Make a calm breath and then - a cleansing breath.

Stretch the edges

The wider the rib cage, the more it can develop into lung sacs, which means that more air can fit in them. Special exercises allow yogis to stretch slightly cartilaginous ligaments that attach the edges, and thus increase the amount of the thorax. These exercises help maintain the elasticity of the ribs, which is essential for the full breath and, of course, is good for health.
Starting position: standing up, back straight, arms hanging loosely along the body.
Put your palms on the edge as close to the armpit, the thumbs are pointing to the back.
Make a full breath with the abdomen and diaphragm. Retains air briefly and gently squeezes the hands of an edge, while slowly exhaling.
After a full exhalation doing a cleansing breath.
Repeating this exercise, in any case should not be tired, for the first time 3-5 times is enough.

Expansion of the chest

Sitting at the tables and computers, we do not notice how our chest is sunken. Difficulty breathing, and hence the supply of oxygen, becomes weak and lifeless voice, comes apathy. "The expansion of the chest" - a favorite Yogi exercises to restore the natural position of the chest.
Starting position: standing straight, arms hanging at your sides.
Make a full breath and hold your breath. Pulling his hands in front of him and join his fists at shoulder level. With the power of his arms in hand, and reduce again before him. Repeat this movement several times.
With the power of releasing air from the lungs through the mouth.
Making cleansing breath.

Breathing in motion

It is important to accustom the body to breathe correctly and fully, not only in a static position, but on the move. To do this, there is a special exercise. Respiration, as shown in him, not a recommendation to the constant breathing, but will show you and your body as when walking is possible to observe the rhythm of breathing and a constant depth. It is important that the body does not lose the rhythm of inhalation and exhalation with the greatest possible number of situations. A lost, restored as quickly as possible.
Starting position: straight step, shoulders back, chin lifted.
Inhale a full breath, mentally counting to 8, at the expense of doing each step. Inhaling finish at the expense of 8.
Also begin to exhale slowly through your nose and consider steps to 8. At the 8th step is to end exhalation.
Repeat the exercise until mild fatigue. We have a rest.
Repeat the exercise can be as long as it is fun, and it is better to return to it several times a day. If you find it hard to breathe in through 8, you can do so at the expense of 4.